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Wild Hunting is a place for those who appreciate the energy of virgin forests and feeling of real ecotourism.
Several large ungulate populations are living here: roe deer - 500 individuals, red deer - 350, moose - 225. We also have trophy animals, whose health we thoroughly care about, and animals that have grown in natural conditions. All year round hunting for wolves and foxes is allowed. Black grouse and capercaillie are also found in our surroundings
Wildlife photography / photohunting
Wild Hunting convenient location, picturesque views and diverse landscapes would allow you to take unique pictures of the wild Belarusian nature: rare birds from the national Red Book, or deer and moose battles during the rutting, or black grouse and capercaillie courtship display.

If you are looking for a specific bird or animal, our gamekeeper will join your activities, tracking animals and staying with you until you take the desired photoshoot.
Ecotourism and wildlife watching
Wild Hunting residence allows you to watch wildlife from the inside, feel its mystery, strength, and independence. Wild animals and birds have their own rules, but you can learn and see them in action.

Our gamekeepers will introduce you to the beauty of Belarusian nature by developing a personal tour plan, helping you find the rare animals you have long dreamed of seeing, and showing seasonal events in forest life.